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Madden 19: How to Playmaker


Madden 19: How to Playmaker

How to Playmaker in Madden 19

In Madden 19, you can utilize the playmaker feature to micromanage your eligible receivers on the fly. Not all plays go the way you want them to. There will be plenty of times while playing Madden 19 where you might be scanning down the field and all of your open receivers are covered. Without utilizing playmaker, there are a number of bad things that could happen.

You could get sacked waiting for something to open up, intercepted trying to force a throw, or you could get forced to tuck the ball in and run with the QB, which sometimes works out, but could also lead to a loss of yards, injuries, or fumbles. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Playmaker is option number four.

To use Playmaker in Madden 19, simply use the right stick while the ball is in possession of the QB to lead a receiver in the direction that you are tilting the right stick. You will always lead the receiver that is closest to you in Madden 19. You can see who you are leading by seeing who is highlighted. A lot of times, it will be the running back, so try and work your way over to a different receiver if that’s not who you are trying to lead.

The receivers won’t always do exactly what you tell them in Madden 19. They are human, and can’t stop on a dime to go the opposite direction. The playmaker should be used as either a last resort, or to exploit a huge lapse in coverage that you’re noticing. Still, it’s better to at least try if things are breaking down, rather than eating a sack or throwing an interception.

That does it for how to use playmaker in Madden 19. Be sure to check out Guide Wiki for more FAQs answered and search Twinfinite for more tips and tricks.

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