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Death’s Gambit: How to Sell and Disenchant Items


Death’s Gambit: How to Sell and Disenchant Items

Sell and Disenchant Items in Death’s Gambit

Shards are used as experience points to help your character level up in Death’s Gambit. However, you’ll also need them if you want to purchase items, equipment, and abilities from NPCs. Aside from just farming enemies for shards, you can also disenchant your items to get soul stones, which can then be used up to gain additional shards. Before you can do that, though, first you’ll need to find a mage who can provide that service for you.

Once you reach the Sanctuary, you’ll see a bunch of NPCs willing to sell you items, but none who are willing to buy from you. From here, go to the upper left side of the map and head into the Obsidian Vale. You’ll have to defeat the Phoenix boss to reach the next area, which is an ice level that’s also home to the Tundra King. Make your way through the level to defeat the King. Once he’s down, head further left to find the mage himself. Press down on the d-pad to untie him, and he’ll go back to Sanctuary. From now on, you’ll be able to find the mage right next to the death’s idol in Sanctuary, and he’ll enchant and disenchant your items for you. This is a pretty good way to remove clutter from your inventory, and organize it a little after you’ve picked up a few items on your journey.

The mage can also enchant your weapons, and upgrade them to make them even stronger. Do note that you’ll need soul stones for the process, which are obtained via disenchantment.

That’s all you need to know about how to sell and disenchant items in Death’s Gambit. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and tricks on the game.

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