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Death’s Gambit: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Death’s Gambit: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Choose Your Starting Class According to Abilities

Death’s Gambit Beginner Tips

Similar to the Soulsborne games, starting classes in Death’s Gambit only affect your starting equipment, and in this case, your character abilities as well. However, just because you started the game as a Wizard doesn’t mean you can’t eventually create a character build that uses a greatsword to deal huge physical damage. Because of this, you’ll want to look at every ability for each starting class, as well as the stats they start out with.

The Sentinel gets to wield any weapon at half the required stats, while the Noble gets an additional merchant to purchase items from at the Sanctuary. Generally, you’ll want to pick the class with the ability that suits your play style best, or the one you think might give you an easier time through the game. At the same time, don’t neglect the starting stats either if you already have a specific build in mind, and want to min-max from the start of the game. For beginners, the Sentinel and Noble are decent choices because one gets a boost in Vitality while the other gets a small boost in Endurance. Acolyte of Death is another good choice, as this class comes with the ability to restore broken death’s idols, which gives you extra checkpoints to rest at.

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