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CoD Black Ops 4 Beta: What the Install Size Is


CoD Black Ops 4 Beta: What the Install Size Is

What the CoD Black Ops 4 Beta Install Size Is

Another year brings another entry in the Call of Duty series, and of course, a new Black Ops 4 Beta complete with a hefty install size. Black Ops 4 is a bit different from past entries, however, as it’s pretty much entirely multiplayer-focused. This time around Black Ops 4 won’t have a single-player campaign, but there are new multiplayer aspects coming like a bigger emphasis on diverse zombies content and the ambitious new battle royale mode, Blackout. As is custom with the franchise, a multiplayer beta will let fans dive into the new multiplayer before release, and experience everything it has to offer provided you have room for the install size. If you’re looking to download the beta, of course, you’ll want to know how much room it’ll take up.

We’ve downloaded the files for the Black Ops 4 beta ourselves, and the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta install size will take up 18.1gb on your system, so make sure to have enough room before you start downloading. Keep in mind that this first beta is a closed one, but you can see more about how to get into it here. Future betas may have a different install size.

When the Black Ops 4 Beta Is Live on All Platforms

Of course, just downloading the beta won’t be enough, as you’ll need to make sure to play during the allotted times. This beta actually goes live first on PS4 for one weekend, and then the next weekend again on PS4 and all other platforms. Keep in mind this is just the first beta, and it won’t be including any content from Blackout (which will be getting its own beta sometime in September). You can see all the times below. The install size might be different in future betas.

PS4: Aug. 3 at 13:00 PM ET to Aug. 6 at 13:00 PM ET & Aug. 10 at 13:00 PM ET to Aug. 13 at 13:00 PM ET.

Xbox One: Aug. 10 at 13:00 PM ET to Aug. 13 at 13:00 PM ET.

PC: Aug. 11 at 13:00 PM ET (Aug. 10 at 13:00 PM ET for Early Access) to Aug. 13 at 13:00 PM ET.

That’s all you need to know about the beta install size for CoD Black Ops 4, for more info on the game make sure to search Twinfinite.

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