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Octopath Traveler: What to Do in Untouched Sanctum


Octopath Traveler: What to Do in Untouched Sanctum

What to Do in Untouched Sanctum in Octopath Traveler

The Untouched Sanctum is an optional dungeon you can find in Octopath Traveler. It has a danger level of 15, and it can be found in North Cobbleston Gap. If you just venture into the dungeon without any guidance, you’ll find a few chests you can open, along with some nifty gear that could be helpful for your early game encounters. In chapter 1, this is a pretty good place to check out if you want to get some extra experience. You’ll also find a stone at the end of the dungeon, but you won’t be able to interact with it in any meaningful way. This is because the dungeon and the stone itself is tied to a side quest.

The side quest is titled Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge, and you can start on it in Cobbleston. Just talk to the woman with the orange marker, and you’ll be given the side quest. You’ll also need either Primrose or Ophilia in your party to continue the quest. Guide or Allure Noelle, then take her to the Untouched Sanctum. Get to the very end of the dungeon and press the A button when you find the stone, and a cutscene will start, where Noelle provides you with some lore regarding King Beowulf and his legend. After that, the side quest will be marked as complete, and you’ll receive a reward for your troubles.

If you want to continue Noelle’s story, she can be found in Stonegard next, where she’s doing more research on the legendary figure. And that’s all you need to know about the Untouched Sanctum dungeon in the game.

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