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Octopath Traveler: How to Do Side Quests


Octopath Traveler: How to Do Side Quests

How to Do Side Quests in Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is filled with all sorts of interesting stories in the main quest. You’ll be traveling with eight heroes, each with their own personal stories to tell. While you’ll be spending most of your time trying to recruit new allies and clear main missions, Octopath Traveler also has a lot more to offer through its many side quests.

Throughout your adventure in Octopath Traveler, you will often come across NPCs who need some help with different tasks. They’re quite easy to spot since they’re identified by the orange markers on your map, and you need to speak with them to activate the side quests. These missions in Octopath Traveler will vary depending on what they want, including fetching items, defeating enemies, and escorting people, among other activities. Once you’ve enlisted for a side quest, it’s in your hands on how you plan on solving it. Octopath Traveler does not point you towards the answer, so you’ll have to search for the solution during your adventures. Luckily, you can always check on any ongoing side quests in your journal in case you forget what you needed to do.

Some of the solutions involve path actions, such as alluring your target, provoking someone, or scrutinizing an NPC for information. Having very little to work with, side quests might seem like challenging tasks to complete; and while some of them are, their rewards are definitely worth your time. It’s also worth noting that some side quests cannot be resolved until you find the relevant NPC or information in another town, so don’t worry too much about solving everything at once. Depending on what side quests you complete in Octopath Traveler, you may be given some sturdy armor, powerful weapons, or even some money for your journey.

You won’t need to finish every side quest in the game, although it wouldn’t hurt spending some time on finishing a few. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on the game, make sure to check out our expanding wiki.

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