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Octopath Traveler: Is it Open World?


Octopath Traveler: Is it Open World?

Is Octopath Traveler Open World?

Octopath Traveler, the JRPG from Square Enix that was announced at the Nintendo Switch reveal event has finally launched. As we were shown the first time we saw the game, it features beautiful pixel-art graphics, turn-based combat, eight playable characters, and an emotional soundtrack. Now that you can get your hands on the game, you might be wondering more about how the game works, how its world compares to those of other JRPGs, or whether or not it is open world.

If you were hoping that the answer to the last of those questions was yes, then you’ll be happy to hear that Octopath Traveler is indeed open world. You can tackle the missions your character has been given in any order, traveling between areas to complete them as you wish. However, as is the case with many open world games, not everything is available to you from the get-go. Some areas are locked out until you acquire certain characters or complete certain chapters. Therefore, the further you get through the game, and the more characters you meet and begin to play with, the more open the world begins to feel. As you learn more about each of the eight playable characters, leveling them up as you go, the more opportunities the open world offers for you to explore, meet new NPC, and find the items that litter the world. Being open world, like the JRPGs that inspire it, makes Octopath Traveler a far deeper experience than it may immediately look.

That’s all there is to know about whether or not Octopath Traveler is open world. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our extensive wiki guide. For our detailed analysis of the game, check out our full review.

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