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Octopath Traveler: What the Old Coin Does


Octopath Traveler: What the Old Coin Does

What the Old Coin Does in Octopath Traveler

As you journey across the vibrant lands of Orsterra, you will happen upon many treasures of all shapes and sizes. Some may be equipped to boost your party’s stats, while others like the Healing Grape can be gobbled up in a pinch to restore your health. Who exactly is waltzing around stashing a single grape in all of these treasure chests? Seems like a lot of effort.

One of the items you may have happened upon is the Old Coin, and perhaps you’re unsure what to do with it. It certainly sounds rare; like a precious heirloom that some poor old man has dropped, that leads to a quest chain somewhere down the track. As a result, you may have ended up hanging onto one of these for far longer than you should have, worried that you’ll shill off a valuable shilling, never reuniting poor old Abraham with his beloved Old Coin.

Fear not, however, for the only purpose of the Old Coin is that it fetches you a bit of coin in return. It can be sold ‘at a fair price’ (1,500), which is a nice little return. Be wary when using Tressa’s Purchase ability, as vendors will try to hawk it off at twice this price. She’s always hunting for a bargain, but this is one that she should stay far, far away from.

Any item that is relevant to a quest is kept in a separate part of your inventory, and cannot be sold, so other than accidentally hawking a useful item or piece of armor, you never have to worry about erroneously selling something that you will soon regret!

For more tips, tricks and other such shenanigans, take a peek at our Octopath Traveler wiki, and check out the rest of the awesome gaming content here on Twinfinite!

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