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Octopath Traveler: How to Increase Path Action Percentage Chance


Octopath Traveler: How to Increase Path Action Percentage Chance

Increase Path Action Percentage Chance in Octopath Traveler

Every character in Octopath Traveler comes with a special trait or Path Action. These can be used to interact with NPCs in a variety of ways, and some of them will be required to complete certain story missions or side quests. Because of this, it’s best to try to have different characters in your party at all times. There are two types of Path Actions: Noble and Rogue. Noble Path Actions don’t have any risk of failing, but your character needs to be at a high enough level to execute them. Rogue Path Actions can be attempted at any level, but you run the risk of failing, and if you fail too many times, your reputation in that town will take a hit.

For instance, Ophilia’s Guide serves the same function as Primrose’s Allure. However, Ophilia’s Path Action is Noble, while Primrose’s is Rogue. While Primrose might only have an 80 percent change to Allure an NPC, Ophilia can do it without any risk if she’s at an appropriate level. In order to increase the percentage chance for Rogue Path Actions, we recommend Inquiring or Scrutinizing every NPC each time you enter a new town. Sometimes you might get a perk that boosts your Rogue percentage chances. We also found that leveling up our characters seemed to have an effect on the percentage as well. If Primrose is way more powerful than the NPC she’s trying to Allure, she’ll have a much higher chance of doing so.

If you fail your Path Action checks too many times, NPCs will not be receptive to your influence, and you’ll need to talk to the tavern keeper to restore your reputation. However, do note that you need to pay money every time you do this.

Be sure to check out our wiki for more information on Octopath Traveler.

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