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Octopath Traveler: Can You Change Main Character or Protagonist?


Octopath Traveler: Can You Change Main Character or Protagonist?

Can You Change Main Character or Protagonist in Octopath Traveler?

Eight heroes, spread across the continent, and bound together by a strange fate. Octopath Traveler is unlike any other JRPG – it not only gives you the option of collecting party members in an order of your choosing, but allows you to start with whichever main character you like best. Feeling like playing the role of a thief? Therion’s your guy. More keen on a cleric? Ophilia will show you the way. Decided that you want to play a tweener to the umpteenth degree? That’s what Alfyn is there for; he’s the choice for the choiceless.

As you progress deeper in Octopath Traveler, you will be able to swap between your party members, in order to best assemble the right party for the right job. Up to four party members can join you at the one time, and cycling through them efficiently in order to spread the XP wealth is key to successful progression as you approach the latter stages of Octopath Traveler.

But what of the protagonist who started the whole thing? Can they take a breather at the tavern, or are they destined to forever be on the road, leading the charge and subjecting themselves to the horrors that lurk in the many corners of Osterra.

As it turns out, you are obligated to keep your main character protagonist in your party at all times as you progress through the story. The only time you will ever be free of them is when you are experiencing the backstories of the other characters in Octopath Traveler. For this reason, the choice of who to begin with is definitely not an inconsequential one. The best thing to do before beginning is to consider what particular class you would be likely to need in every battle. Healers are always useful, but which one suits you best?

Once you’ve cleared the story of your main character by finishing Chapter 4, you’ll have the option to remove your protagonist from your party. Though, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is pretty near the end of Octopath Traveler anyway.

For more tips, tricks and trivialities regarding Octopath Traveler, check out the Twinfinite wiki. It’s crammed full of goodies to get you through your journey.

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