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Octopath Traveler: All Secondary Job and Class Shrine Locations


Octopath Traveler: All Secondary Job and Class Shrine Locations

All Secondary Job and Class Shrine Locations in Octopath Traveler

Every character in Octopath Traveler starts the game with one fixed class. However, as you explore the continent of Orsterra and progress through the story, you’ll eventually unlock secondary classes that can really help you build a custom party with your favorite characters. These secondary classes are unlocked by visiting shrines around the world of Octopath Traveler, though you’ll have to seek them out yourself, as the game doesn’t explicitly inform you when one is near.

The shrines won’t show up on your world map in Octopath Traveler until you’ve actually entered one and discovered it, but you can still see them on your radar when you’re in the area. For instance, when you’re in the Western Stillsnow Wilds, take a look at your radar in the corner and look out for a white symbol that looks like four pillars standing in a row. That’s the icon for the shrine, so simply head there to discover it, and it’ll be marked on your world map permanently. All you have to do is enter the shrine and interact with the artifact to unlock your secondary class, and you’re done. You’ll now be able to assign that secondary class to any of the characters in Octopath Traveler.

The secondary class and job shrine locations are as listed below:

  • Shrine of the Huntress (Hunter class) – East Victors Hollow Trail
  • Shrine of the Flamebearer (Cleric class) – Western Stillsnow Wilds
  • Shrine of the Sage (Scholar class) – Western Noblecourt Flats
  • Shrine of the Trader (Merchant class) – Moonstruck Coast
  • Shrine of the Thunderblade (Warrior class) – North Stonegard Pass
  • Shrine of the Lady of Grace (Dancer class) – Northern Wellspring Sands
  • Shrine of the Healer (Apothecary class) – East Saintsbridge Traverse
  • Shrine of the Prince of Thieves (Thief class) – South Quarrycrest Pass

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