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Octopath Traveler: All End Game Epilogue Quest Locations


Octopath Traveler: All End Game Epilogue Quest Locations

End Game Epilogue Quest Locations in Octopath Traveler

After clearing all eight story arcs in Octopath Traveler, a series of end game epilogue side quests will open up in Orsterra’s major cities. We believe we’ve found all of them at his point, but we’ll be sure to update the article if we happen to find anymore.

Listed below are all the locations and NPCs you need to talk to for the epilogue quests.

  • Keeping Up With the Wyndhams: Grandport, Cordelia
  • King Khalim’s Conundrum: Marsalim, King Khalim
  • Hello Again, Harald: Riverford, Reggie
  • Ogen’s Epilogue: Northreach, Ogen
  • Back with Bale: Wellspring, Bale
  • Friends Again: Saintsbridge, Nate
  • Revello and Odette: Quarrycrest, Revello
  • The Diarist’s Desire: Grandport, Ing
  • Again with Alaic: Victors Hollow, Alaic
  • Mikk and Makk Make Good: Noblecourt, Mikk
  • Russell’s Repentance: Stonegard, Russell
  • Arianna Again: Stillsnow, Arianna
  • Lianna and Eliza: Flamesgrace, Lianna
  • Heathcote’s High Jinks: Bolderfall, Heathcote
  • Zeph and Mercedes: Clearbrook, Nina
  • Princess Mary, Redux: Rippletide, Princess Mary
  • The Adventures of Ali: Sunshade, Ali

Most of these quests provide more insight into the game’s lore and history, as well as closure to some of the NPCs’ stories. It’s unclear whether any of them will lead to some sort of end game content, as most players seem to believe, but we’ll be sure to provide confirmation once we can as well.

For more information and tips on Octopath Traveler, check out our wwiki.

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