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Octopath Traveler: All Advanced Job and Class Shrine Locations


Octopath Traveler: All Advanced Job and Class Shrine Locations

All Advanced Job and Class Shrine Locations in Octopath Traveler

As you probably already know, each of the eight characters in Octopath Traveler start out with a fixed base class. When you get to the chapter 2 content, you’ll start coming across shrines for the secondary classes along your path. These are essentially the eight starter classes, but you get to equip them on any character so they can act as a secondary class for them. And as you progress further into Octopath Traveler and get into chapter 4, you’ll start to gain access to four additional advanced classes. Similar to the secondary classes, you’ll need to locate the shrines, which show up as white icons with four pillars standing in a row on your radar. Once you enter the shrine, they’ll be permanently marked on your map so you never lose track of them.

However, unlike the secondary classes, these advanced classes are much harder to obtain in Octopath Traveler. The advanced shrines are like mini dungeons, and you’ll need to make your way through them to find the artifact at the end. Examine the artifact, and you’ll receive a message from the corresponding god or goddess. After that, you’ll need to fight against the deity and win the battle in order to unlock the class. These fights are extremely tough, and it’s recommended that you hit at least level 50 before even thinking about attempting these. In our playthrough, we only managed to beat all four bosses after completing all chapter 4 content and gearing up a little.

The advanced shrine locations are as follows:

  • Shrine of the Warbringer (Warmaster class) – North Riverford Traverse
  • Shrine of the Runeblade (Runelord class) – West Everhold Pass
  • Shrine of the Starseer (Starseer class) – Western Wispermill Flats
  • Shrine of the Archmagus (Sorcerer class) – East Duskbarrow Trail

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Octopath Traveler.

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