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No Man’s Sky: How to Place Save Points


No Man’s Sky: How to Place Save Points

How to Place Save Points in No Man’s Sky

In its pursuit of sci-fi, No Man’s Sky leaves players intentionally lonely — you’re on your own for most of the game, unaware of your surroundings and forced to adapt to whatever the situation is at hand. In the game’s attempt to make space feel massive, and you small, some things are left unexplained, unfortunately including the saving system.

Simply put, there are three ways to save in No Man’s Sky. The first of those will happen without you ever realizing it and it will happen quite often. Every time you exit your ship, the game automatically saves. The second way of saving is something you’re likely to understand by simply playing the game. Every time you land on a planet, chances are you’ll find some ancient structure, monolith, base or something different entirely. If you look to the side of those structures (usually on the side, but sometimes in the back or front), you’ll find what appears to be a beacon. Interact with this beacon and you’ll be able to save.

Neither of those forms of saving are necessarily convenient. If you’re deep in exploration on some random planet, chances are you don’t want to jump back into your ship and there’s also a good chance there’s no beacon near you. Fortunately, the Foundation update made saving easier a and significantly more convenient, and did so with the introduction of Save Points.

Save Points, as nice as they are, still require a little bit of work — you have to build them yourself. They’re easy to build though and light on requirements. All you need is 50 units of Platinum and 100 units of Iron. Both of these elements are easy to come by so gathering the supplies you need shouldn’t be difficult in any capacity. Once you have the materials you need, you’re going to want to enter the Build Menu (Z on a keyboard and up on the d-pad of controllers). Find “Save Point” in the menu, select it and from there, you’ll be tasked with finding an appropriate place to build a Save Point; you basically just need to find a somewhat-flat piece of terrain outside to build it on.

With a Save Point built, you’re free to save there whenever you want in the universe of No Man’s Sky.

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