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Vampyr: How to Use Vampire Senses


Vampyr: How to Use Vampire Senses

Using Your Vampire Senses in Vampyr

Vampyr, the latest action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment, puts you in the shoes of Jonathan Reid, a man who has turned into a vampire in Victorian London. While the entire human race pretty much hates him and wants to kill him now, being a vampire also has its perks, as Reid soon finds out. His new vampire senses are one of the perks, and they enhance his senses, allowing players to locate their objective quickly.

To use the vampire senses, all you have to do is push in the left analog stick on your controller to hit the L3 button. The whole screen will turn greyscale, and you’ll be able to see blood much more easily. Blood will show up as a bright red indicator on your screen, and this can come in especially useful when you need to track down a target by following a blood trail. Simply press the L3 button, then look out for blood on your screen and follow it to your target in Vampyr. You can turn off your vampire senses by hitting L3 again whenever you want, and that’s all you need to know about this mechanic.

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