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Vampyr: Where Rodney Grader’s Location Is


Vampyr: Where Rodney Grader’s Location Is

Where Rodney Grader’s Location Is in Vampyr

Outside of the main story-arc in Vampyr there are plenty of optional investigations to solve. Often, you’ll just happen upon citizens that require your help, and Rodney Grader is one such individual. He’s been involved in a gang fight in which he’s killed a rival gang member, though things aren’t quite what they seem. Grader is remorseful over his actions, but he’s so terrified of the rival gang’s vengeance that he’s hidden himself away in the sewers. You’ll need to locate him to complete the quest in Vampyr, but his actual whereabouts can be a bit of a struggle to find.

To find Rodney Grader in Vampyr, you’ll need to pop down to the Sewer Skal’s hideout where Old Bridget and co have their base. You can access this area from Sean Hampton’s shelter in the Western Docks area. To find Grader, head toward the room where Harriet Jones is recovering from her illness. There are stairs just beyond that room which lead down to a sewer tunnel that runs away from the Sewer Skal’s settlement. Follow this tunnel before making a right at the end to a small cove. You’ll find Rodney here, terrified out of wits.

That’s all you need to know about where Rodney Grader’s location is in Vampyr. For more useful guides, check out our wiki page.

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