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Vampyr: How to Restore Your Blood


Vampyr: How to Restore Your Blood

How to Restore Your Blood in Vampyr

In Vampyr, there are three attributes that you’ll need to keep an eye on during combat: health, stamina, and blood. Blood plays a crucial role in determining what abilities Reid can use in combat since each requires a certain amount to perform. Blood can also be converted to L1 by use of the Autogaphy ability, so it’s always useful to have as much as possible even if you’re relying on weapons to inflict damage rather than vampire abilities. Here’s the best way to restore your blood.

Although you can use Blood Serum to quickly restore Reid’s blood levels, it’s not the most sustainable way to do so. You can only carry a set amount of serum, after all, and they cost resources to craft back at your hideout. Instead, we recommend restoring blood in combat by performing the bite attack. There’s also one or two weapons that can be equipped that will damage enemies for a certain amount of blood point. However, the bite technique is by far and away the most effective since it restores so much at a time.

To bite an enemy, you’ll need to stun it first. Therefore, the best weapon to use is one that inflicts a decent amount of stun damage. You can either rely on the baton or stake secondary weapons, or you can wield a two-handed weapon that hits for both massive damage and stun (though takes more stamina to swing). Our favorite technique was to pour XP into our stamina/endurance, use the two-handed weapon to knock enemies down, and then keep biting them for more blood. That way, you’ll be able to keep using your vampire abilities.

Notably, you also can’t be hit when using the bite ability, which is handy when tackling multiple enemies.

That’s all you need to know about how to restore your blood in Vampyr. For more tips, check out our wiki page.

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