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Vampyr: How to Reload Your Gun


Vampyr: How to Reload Your Gun

How to Reload Your Gun in Vampyr

In Vampyr, you have a lot of fancy weapons, tools, and skills at your disposal. Sure, you can use melee weapons, or fancy vampiric abilities such as claw strikes and blood spears. But why mess around when you can just shoot people in the face? We humans have been doing it for hundreds of years, it’s a tried and true weapon that works.

In Vampyr, you can choose between two different guns to be your secondary weapon: shotguns and pistols. While you have ammo limitations, what is odd is that you actually can’t reload your weapon whenever you want. Guns are not your main weapon, and rather are used as a support attack of sorts since the ammo supply is limited. Think of them as a special ability. Obviously you’re going to eventually run out of ammo, and will need to reload, but that happens automatically once you have run out of available bullets in your clip. You can upgrade your reload speed so that this process goes faster, but there is no way to reload whenever you want.

So while you can’t reload in Vampyr, hopefully at least you can rest easy and not go crazy trying to figure out how now. For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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