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Vampyr: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are


Vampyr: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are

How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are in Vampyr

Vampyr is Dontnod Entertainment’s latest game, and unlike the episodic Life is Strange series, it’s a full-length video game. Taking place in 1918 London, a city ravished by the Spanish Flu, you play the role of Dr. Reid, a vampire doctor who is a walking paradox. Reid thirsts for human blood, but he’s still also every part the responsible doctor compelled to heal his citizen’s from disease and illness. The game features an intriguing narrative and an interesting cast of characters, and it’s a pretty neat experience. But how long is it and how many chapters are there exactly?

Well, recording our play time precisely was made difficult by the fact that there’s no in-game timer, nor does it say how many hours you’ve played when saving either. However, if we had to guess, we’d say the game is somewhere around 20 hours long. There are six Chapters in the game, each with two or three main quests. Of course, there are plenty of side quests that you’ll stumble upon along the way, too. The most diligent completionist might well take another two or three hours longer than our playthrough to get through everything Vampyr has to offer.

That’s all you need to know about how long Vampyr is and how many chapters there are. For more guides on the game, check out our wiki page.

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