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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 4


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 4


carpe, widowmaker, overwatch league

Carpe was on point (often literally) this past week as Widowmaker, shining the most on the Friday match between Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock. His contributions to his team helped Fusion make a massive comeback and win the match at a narrow 2-1.

His two most impressive plays from the match can be seen above and below. The first on Horizon Lunar Colony when Carpe moved expertly around the map to get a 2K, first getting Sleep as Zenyatta while he was distracted with Fusion’s frontline, and Architect as Widow while he was walking back to the point.

Later on during Lijiang Tower, he arrives to the point to kill Sleepy yet again along with BABYBAY as Widow, and then follows up with a close-range takeout of Choihyobin as D.Va while teammate SADO finishes off Moth as Mercy.

He was recognized this week by the league as well, getting player of the day alongside Fissure for Los Angeles Gladiators on Thursday with specific praise for Carpe’s Zarya plays on King’s Row followed by Widowmaker for the rest of the games where he preformed at top level. He also ended up getting player of the day alongside Dallas Fuel’s OGE on Friday as well.


striker, widowmaker, overwatch league

We have recognized Striker in the past for his plays on two of his signature heroes Tracer and Junkrat, but this week he stood out particularly well play Widowmaker, and especially on the first match of the week on Wednesday against Seoul Dynasty.

There seems to be no shortage of amazing Widowmaker players in the league, but what sets Striker apart is his situational awareness and ability to continually check blind spots so as to never be left unaware and desperate to escape with his grappling hook. For example, above he is constantly checking both left and right as he circles the first point on Blizzard World, which allows him to get a rapid fire 2K taking out Fleta as Genji and Wekeed as Tracer before both can even react to his placement.

Another somewhat comical moment can be seen below where Striker, aware of an incoming Junk-Rat tire, checks all the common vantage points for a Junkrat to commonly use. A popular tactic in competitive Overwatch is to stall the tire on a wall to further throw off the enemy team for when it is going to hit. Obviously aware of this, Striker knows to check all corners and happens to see it resting at the top of a building on Dorado and finishes it off before it can do any damage.

Striker also got player of the day alongside Logix from Florida Mayhem on Wednesday, with Overwatch League commentator Erik Lonnquist saying, “One man rose above the other 11 and that was Striker. Bailing his team out with the picks they needed to stay just that much ahead of Seoul Dynasty and win the series.”


geguri,, overwatch, overwatch league, owl

Since joining the Shanghai Dragons back in February, Geguri has continually stood out as a talented tank player and one of the best on her team when it comes to instigating and winning fights with her two signature characters Zarya and D.Va.

This week, she stood-out specifically with D.Va during the Wednesday match against Florida Mayhem. The first play to note can be seen above when Geguri launched her mech perfectly to get both enemy supports hiding off to the side at the end of the Dragons attack on Watchpoint Gibraltar. While D.Va’s ult is often used to move and separate the enemy team members in a more strategical way, it is always satisfying to see one launched purely to rattle and kill off the less mobile characters who have no hope of escaping. Geguri is very good at knowing when to save her ult for the former, and when to send it off to actually get a couple picks.

Another play seen below shows off Geguri’s ability to fight and survive in he thick of close-range team battles, with amazing instincts in knowing which enemy character to engage and in what order to better her chances of success in killing them all in the long run. Geguri takes out the enemy aWesomeGuy as Winston while he is distracted by her teammate Fearless also playing as Winston, helps take Manneten as D.Va out of his mech before turning her attention to TviQ as Brigette to finish her off freeing up Fearless to tickle down Manneten’s health so she can come back and kill him before also killing TviQ and finishing the whole fight with Zebbosai as Mercy who is left with no one to protect him.

Not only does Geguri standout on her own, she meshes so well with fellow tank players and knows when it’s necessary for her to stick around for support, and when she can leave Fearless to pick up the scraps as Winston without fear it’s too much for him to handle. Not only this, but her tracking on D.Va is absolutely top notch, and therefore she usually comes out of teamfights dealing way more damage than her massive mech seems to take in.


eqo, pharah, overwatch league

Eqo for Philadelphia Fusion had a great game as Pharah on Friday against Seoul Dynasty when his team won the match in a close 3-2.

His two standout plays picked to highlight his skill happen to both be ult combos with his teammate as Zarya to unleash massive amounts of damage with Barrage at optimal angles. What makes Eqo standout when it comes to his use of Pharah’s ult is how good he is at knowing the perfect time and angle to fire off his ult so the enemy team is left confused and panicked. In both instances seen above and below, Eqo knows to wait a couple seconds to make sure the enemy team is distracted by the frontline of Fusion so he can pop of Barrage with less risk to his immobile self.

These sorts of plays also highlight his ability to work and communicate well with his teammates, because pulling off big plays like these over and over can ultimately win the match for a team.

We have recognized Eqo in the past for his skills on Widowmaker, but this week he also had some great plays as fellow sniper character Hanzo such as the one below against San Fransisco Shock also on Friday when he gets a 4K with an expert use of Hanzo’s dragons when the majority of the team was cornered in the side room on Watchpoint Gibraltar.

Fusion is currently in fifth place in the overall standings, but if Eqo keeps up his level of play for the final week of stage four his team might have a chance in making it to forth to compete in the stage four playoffs.


birdring, widowmaker, overwatch, overwatch league

Our third and final standout Widowmaker player of the week is Birdring for London Spitfire due to his use of her during the both the Saturday match against Los Angeles Gladiators and against Los Angeles Valiant on Thursday.

Above we see him get six kills, all of which were final blows, in a huge push that brought the Gladiators all the way back to their spawn on Oasis. He also got some quick kills against Valiant below, but the icing on the cake was when he sniped Agilities as Genji in the outdoor space area when he was drifting super high in the sky trying to get away from Fury as D.Va for London.

He also had some great plays as Genji on Saturday, like when he got a string of 3.5 eliminations, two of which with one use of his Dragonblade to get the first point on Horizon Lunar Colony.

For more standout players of stage four, you can check out the best players from week one, week two and week three as well.

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