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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 3


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 3


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Pine is well-known for his high accuracy skills on McCree, but this past week he also showed off his snipes on Widowmaker to help New York Excelsior win against Philadelphia Fusion at the start of the week and nearly beat the standings leaders Los Angeles Valiant on Saturday in a close 2-3.

He played exceptionally well as the hero against Valiant during the Oasis map, as above we can see him outsmart the enemy team from a perfect and hidden angle to get a 4k while killing the enemy Widow SoOn twice. Pine is good at finding sneaky angles to break down enemy lines, as you can see him adjust his placement on the map as soon as he sees Fate as Orisa set up her shield to pick them off easily from behind without the tanks even noticing.

Hi ability to move about his environment with Widow’s grappling hook is also next level. Above we see him try out a clever new way to flank at the end of Gibraltar, which grants him a kill and a decent distraction as his team moves the payload further, all while escaping with his life.

Above we see his use of movement in the earlier match against Fusion when he launches himself in towards Carpe who is also playing as Widowmaker and catches him entirely by surprise. Somehow he is able to land a headshot at extremely close rage, and finishes off with a couple more headshots in a span of a few seconds as well to secure the payload.

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