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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 2


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 2


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It’s unfortunate that London Spitfire finds itself near the bottom of the standings at the end of last week in eighth at the time of writing, but that didn’t stop support player Bdosin from having a fantastic week as his signature hero Zenyatta. Especially so on the Saturday match against Seoul Dynasty where London won a narrow 3-2.

Bdosin is exceptionally good at balancing his support and damage roles, knowing when to engage the enemy and when it’s best to leave the killing to his teammates. Above we see him get a quick pick before whipping out his Transcendence to turn the tide in a team fight, and then finishing it off with another pick on Munchkin as Tracer.

The clip seen below also shows off his ability to discern whether linear projectiles or the orb volley is best for who he is fighting against, switching back and forth in his use of them to net him four kills in just a few seconds.

He also had some memorable moments as Zen during the Thursday match against San Fransisco Shock where London once again won a narrow 3-2. Below he not only takes out the enemy Tracer but the ulting Genji as well, no small feat for one of the squishiest characters in the game.

It’s always nice to see the player performance of support characters standing out among the rest, and it’s usually a safe bet to say Bdosin is going to do Zenyatta justice every week to hopefully help London Spitfire climb the rankings once more.

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