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State of Decay 2: Can You Fast Forward Time?


State of Decay 2: Can You Fast Forward Time?

Can You Fast Forward Time in State of Decay 2?

State of Decay 2 has players scrambling to scavenge as many supplies as they can in the daytime. Once night falls, they’ll have more trouble trying to secure materials under the cover of darkness. Not only that, but zombies are much more active at night and have a much better chance of sneaking up on you. You’re much better off saving your bullets and calling it a day once you see the sun setting. That said, some players might be wondering if they fast forward time in the game.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can do so. You’ll have to wait for the day or night to pass, depending on what time you’re waiting for. If you decide to go to bed, you’ll just take over another character at that exact moment. Naturally, you’ll be doing a lot more activities during the day. From scavenging materials to hunting zombies, you’ll hardly run out of any exciting activities. Things are a bit more dull during the evenings, though. Unless you’re desperate for resources, you’ll be staying in your base and managing facilities, for the most part.

If we do ever come across a way to fast forward time, we’ll update this post. For more tips and tricks on State of Decay 2, be sure to take a look at our extensive wiki!

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