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Detroit Become Human: Where to Find Traci in the Nightclub (Connor)


Detroit Become Human: Where to Find Traci in the Nightclub (Connor)

Where to Find Traci in the Nightclub as Connor in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human has Connor heading to a ton of different crime scenes. One such scene involves an incident at a nightclub. You’ll find a Traci model android all busted up, and a dead guy on the bed. Upon reactivating her to question what happened, Connor will learn that there was another Traci that did the crime. A deviant. This sounds like a job for Connor! Here’s how to find her within the nightclub in Detroit Become Human.

First, head out and try to connect with the android that the cutscene will focus its attention on when Connor leaves the room. You won’t be able to buy her, so you’ll need to ask Hank for help. You’ll learn it was a blue-haired Traci model, so that’s what you’ll be looking for when accessing androids’ memories.

Next, head towards where the Traci was walking in Detroit Become Human and connect with the pole dancer to see where she was going. Follow her trail some more.

It will lead to yet another pole dancer. Connect with her, too and you’ll see that the android actually turned back around to head to the back.

Follow that direction and connect with yet another pole dancer that lets you know you need to head into the red room with the Eden Club neon sign on its left wall.

Next, while in the red room, connect with the pod that has the number 28 in front of it, you’ll need to head to the blue room now.

Once there, connect with pod 24’s android and you’ll be led to believe the deviant is in the room marked “Available.” She’s not!

Finally, you’re going to need to walk into the hallway and connect with the janitor that’s cleaning the floor to see that she went in through the Staff Only door.

All done! You’ve successfully chased the white rabbit (with blue hair whose name is Traci) in Detroit Become Human. If you need any more help with Detroit Become Human, hit us up in the comments down below. Alternatively, check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game. And if you’d like to see a visual guide of all of this, check it out below, too.

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