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Detroit Become Human: How Many Endings There Are


Detroit Become Human: How Many Endings There Are

How Many Endings There Are in Detroit Become Human

As has been the case in most of Quantic Dream’s other games, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, the choices you make in Detroit Become Human can dramatically change the events of the story, leading to a long list of possible endings. It’s best to play through at least once without worrying about what else could be happening, but if you’re looking to experience everything and collect all the trophies after the credits roll, you might want to know how many endings there are for you to see.

From what we’ve experienced, there are more than 40 endings in Detroit Become Human – somewhere around the 45 mark. That number doesn’t include early character deaths that could be seen as endings in their own right, but rather what has happened to the game’s protagonists by the time the credits roll. If you want to see how to get all the possible endings that we’ve found so far, you can check out our guide. Be warned, however, there may be some spoilers there.

That’s all there is for how many endings there are in Detroit Become Human. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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