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Detroit Become Human: What Elijah Kamski Knows (Questions & Answers)


Detroit Become Human: What Elijah Kamski Knows (Questions & Answers)

What Elijah Kamski Knows in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human’s Elijah Kamski is the founder of CyberLife and creator of the androids. Even though he’s since retired from the company and is living a lavish rich boy life, Connor will have to interact with him during the Deviants investigation in Detroit Become Human. He gives you an ultimatum to get answers out of him, but what does he really know? Here’s the answer to that very question.

There will obviously be spoilers for Detroit Become Human below.

Elijah will set up his android, Chloe, to kneel in front of you. He’ll give you a gun and it’s up to you, as Connor, to decide whether to shoot her or not. He calls it The Kamski Test. If you choose not to shoot, you’ll walk out of the investigation having learned nothing extra, but Hank (if he’s with you) will respect you greatly. Your software instability will go up, too.

If you shoot her, though, you’ll be able to ask one of three questions. Here they are, along with what Kamski will tell you.

If you choose to ask about RA9, he’ll be vague. He’ll say he doesn’t know who it is or what exactly, but says that it’s like a religion for androids to believe in a greater power. It’s like a prophecy for them. Could be one android to set them free, could be an idea, could be all of them.

Instead, if you question him on the virus, he’ll once again be vague. He says that androids share information so thoughts spread like an epidemic. He doesn’t know much about it, truly, and it doesn’t really help you with your investigation.

Finally, if you ask about Jericho’s location, he’ll allow you to connect with one of his Chloes. This will in turn give Connor the directions to Jericho, having you avoid the struggle to get it in a later chapter.

That’s really all he’ll give you! Every single conversation will end with his ominous message that, “There’s a war coming.” Oh, and he’ll always tell you that there’s an emergency exit in every program he makes.

If you need more help with Detroit Become Human, hit us up in the comments down below! Alternatively, check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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