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Detroit Become Human: How Much it Costs


Detroit Become Human: How Much it Costs

How Much Does Detroit Become Human Cost?

Detroit Become Human is Quantic Dream’s next action-adventure title that is exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and is set to release on May 25. The game is set in Detroit during the year of 2038 and androids are a part of everybody’s daily lives, but when the androids start to behave like actual humans, some problems begin to arise. Making certain dialogue choices and choosing particular paths can either kill or keep your character alive. If you’re planning on purchasing Detroit Become Human upon release, then you should be aware that there are two versions that you can pick up digitally. The normal version of the game costs the same as most other PS4 games, which is $59.99. The digital deluxe edition of the game costs $69.99 and comes with a bunch of goodies to unlock:

  • Detroit: Become Human PS4 Digital Full Game
  • Heavy Rain PS4 Digital Full Game
  • Detroit: Become Human Digital Art Book
  • Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Soundtrack (Upgrade)
  • 2 Detroit: Become Human PS4™ Dynamic Themes
  • 10 Detroit: Become Human PSN Avatars

For those who’d rather have a physical copy of Detroit Become Human to display as part of their collection, you’re likely looking at the standard $59.99 from your preferred retailer.

If you need any tips or tricks when it comes to playing through Detroit Become Human, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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