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Dauntless: How to Fix Queenbee Error Code & What it Means


Dauntless: How to Fix Queenbee Error Code & What it Means

How to Fix Queenbee Error Code & What it Means in Dauntless

Dauntless has finally entered open beta and players that have been looking forward to the free-to-play monster hunting game can finally jump in and give it a go while the development team works out the final touches on the game. Your goal in the meantime is to kill as many behemoths as you can.

Like many betas before it though, Dauntless still has some kinks to iron out, and some players are running into error code problems. One of the most common error codes is the Queenbee Error Code. And, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering what it is, and how to fix it.

Luckily, despite the scary sounding name, the Queenbee Error Code isn’t actually all that bad. All it means is that you’re in a queue, and that there might be a longer wait than usual to get where you’re going. So essentially, you don’t need to do anything to fix it, just hang out, be patient, and eventually, you should get to where you were going and everything will resolve itself.

That does it for what the Queenbee Error Code is in Dauntless. Good luck out there and happy hunting slayers!

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