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Yakuza 6 Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum


Yakuza 6 Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum

How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum in Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is the final chapter in the story of Kazuma Kiryu, and he’ll be reuniting with plenty of old friends while making brand new ones too. There’s a pretty robust list of trophies to nab in Yakuza 6, involving everything from minigames and substories, to finding secret passages. If you’re planning on beating the entirety of the game you should be able to nab most of the trophies naturally, but it’ll take a little bit of extra work if you want to get that Platinum. Here’s how to get every trophy in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.


  • The Song of Life (Platinum) – Obtain all other trophies in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.
  • Welcome Back (Bronze) – Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Hiroshiman Shadows (Bronze) – Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Her Secret Life (Bronze) – Story-related, cannot miss
  • A Dead End (Bronze) – Story-related, cannot miss
  • The Secret of Onomichi (Bronze) – Story-related, cannot miss
  • Cycle of Blood (Bronze) – Story-related, cannot miss
  • Thank You (Silver) – Complete all of the main story.
  • Dragon of Legend (Gold) – Beat the game on Legend difficulty. You can only unlock Legend by beating the game once on a lower difficulty. However, you might not have to replay the whole thing. Once you’ve unlocked Legend you can apply the difficulty to previous saves, so make a save near the end of the game and set the difficulty to Legend, then beat the game.
  • Tell Me a Story (Bronze) – Completed 10 substories. Substories are the optional quests that get prompted throughout your adventure. Some of these can be hard to miss, but a helpful player on PSN Profiles has already crafted up a substory guide from the Japanese version of the game, helping you find each and every one.
  • Hero of the Story (Bronze) – Completed 40 substories. Most substories will come your way easily, so you shouldn’t have trouble hitting 40.
  • Story of My Life (Bronze) – Completed all substories. There are 51 substories in total in Yakuza 6. Again head to PSN Profiles if you need help dusting off a few you missed during your playthrough.
  • Troubleshooter (Bronze) – Complete five types of Trouble Missions. Trouble Missions pop up randomly as you’re exploring and they’re very quick objectives to complete. You’ll get all of them at some point through the game, it’s just a matter of wandering through the respective cities at different times of day. After you beat the game you’ll unlock Premium Adventure that will let you explore at your leisure and mop stuff like Trouble missions up.
  • This is My City (Bronze) – Complete 20 types of Trouble Missions. See above.
  • Feeling the Heat (Bronze) – Activate Extreme Heat Mode 10 times. Extreme Heat Mode is mapped to R2 and you can activate it when you have at least one Heat Orb full. This one is easy to get.
  • Live to Fight Another Day (Bronze) – Ran away from 10 encounters successfully. Unlike past Yakuza games you can just run away from fights, literally by just running away. Nothing else to it, just run until the enemies stop chasing you.
  • Skill Dabbler (Bronze) – Obtained 10 skills. Skills are unlocked with the experience you gain, and all three of these trophies you’ll get automatically in a playthrough as you unlock things.
  • Skill Pro (Bronze) – Obtained 25 skills. Same as above.
  • Skill Master (Silver) – Obtained all skills. Same as above.
  • Life of the Dragon (Bronze) – Raised Health to a natural 150. On the first page of the Stats menu you can put points into your actual stats by using XP. Just put enough into this category to get the trophy.
  • Strength of the Dragon (Bronze) – Raised Attack to a natural 150. Same as above.
  • Vitality of the Dragon (Bronze) – Raised Defense to a natural 150. Same as above.
  • Speed of the Dragon (Bronze) – Raised Evade to a natural 150. Same as above.
  • Heat of the Dragon (Bronze) – Raised the Heat Gauge to a natural 150. Same as above.
  • Limit Breaker (Bronze) – Raised all stats to a natural 200. Once you reach 200 with all stats you’ll unlock the ability to go beyond that with each of them. You’ll probably get this near the end of your first playthrough, but completing substories and eating food a lot can help wrack up all the XP you’ll need.
  • Peak Kiryu (Silver) – Raised all stats to a natural 300. It’s very hard to do this in a single playthrough as you’ll generally just run out of things that give good XP. Most likely you’ll need to beat the game, then start New Game + and carry on from there.
  • Amon Defeated (Silver) – Defeated Amon on any difficulty. The fight with Amon is one of the last substories you’ll unlock in the finale of the game, and it’s easily the hardest fight. Amon has drones that help him attack as well as robot vacuums that blow up. Make sure to bring plenty of recovery items and food, and put on your strongest equipment. The first phase isn’t too bad, just focus on countering Amon and hitting him a few times with the opening. Once the vacuums roll in, it gets harder. You can run up to each vacuum and pick it up then use it in a heat action against Amon. Now it’s easiest to just keep popping items that restore your Heat and use Heat Actions against him, particularly the one in Extreme mode where you run and land a leaping kick. Make absolutely sure if you’re about to get caught in an explosion from one of the vacuum bots that your restore your health to max, as one explosion can totally wipe you out. Remember this trophy can be gotten on any difficulty, so don’t be afraid to bump it down to easy.
  • A Man’s Experience (Bronze) – Obtained 1,000 total experience points. You’ll get this automatically just by playing enough.
  • A Fighter’s Experience (Bronze) – Obtained 10,000 total experience points. Same as above.
  • A Dragon’s Experience (Silver) – Obtained 100,000 total experience points. Same as above.
  • Just Getting Started (Bronze) – Completed 10 items on the completion list. If you go to the main menu and select Awards you can see the completion list, with various tasks for battle, world, substory, minigames, etc. Most of these are easy to complete and you’ll get a ton just by playing naturally. You shouldn’t even need to go out of your way to get these two trophies.
  • Maybe You Can Do It (Bronze) – Completed 31 items on the completion list. Same s above.
  • You Did It (Silver) – Completed 100 items on the completion list. This one can be just a bit trickier to get. A good way to wrack up things on the completion list is by playing minigames, as there’s a ton assigned to that.
  • Kiryu Clan Founder (Bronze) – Assembled the Kiryu Clan. You’ll get this automatically through the story.
  • Kiryu Clan Captain (Bronze) – Reached Level 3 in the Kiryu Clan. Just play through a few of the main battles for Clan Creator and you’ll get this no problem.
  • Kiryu Clan Patriarch (Silver) – Completed the Clan Creator storyline. The Clan Creator storyline isn’t too difficult, up until the last few battles. You can go online to get some extra training for your characters. You can also use a few Clan Creator codes to get extra strong units like Kiryu himself or Majima. Daigo Dojima in particular has a really useful skill that bumps up your deployment gauge significantly. Head here for a few of the codes.
  • Word on the Streets (Bronze) – Raised the Kiryu Clan’s influence to 10,000. You should get this automatically as you play through the story.
  • Kiryu Clan Enforcer (Bronze) – Maxed out a Kiryu Clan leader’s stats. You’ll need to level a Kiryu Clan leader to almost max level to do this, but the easiest way is to assign them to one of the adviser position that gives extra XP. You can continuously play through any story clan battles or online, so just grind a little bit. Alternatively, you can also use Kiryu’s experience to level up your leaders.
  • On the Winning Team (Bronze) – Achieved 100 victories with the Kiryu Clan. This is just a matter of time and playing enough Clan matches.
  • What a Player (Bronze) – Played every minigame. This is easy to do, just make a checklist of all the minigames and knock them off one by one. Buildings with minigames are marked in purple so they’re easy to find.
  • Dragon of DoGYMa (Bronze) – Experienced every RIZAP training. The RIZAP gym is on the West side of the Kamurocho map, and you can engage in various types of training. There are six different types of training and you can do three with each visit, so just visit twice.
  • I’ll Have the Calamari (Bronze) – Defeated the Emperor Squid. The docks in Onomichi are where you meet the fisherman for a substory and to unlock the spearfishing minigame. Beating the first stage of the minigame will have you beating the Emperor Squid at the end.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Bronze) – Reached Beloved Customer rank at Snack New Gaudi. Snack New Gaudi can be found on the map in Onomichi, and it’s a series of minigames and substories that have you talking to the customers there. Simply return enough times, talk to the customers, complete the substories, and you’ll eventually have this.
  • Club Shine Star (Bronze) – Requested every hostess. All you have to do for this is simply request each hostess once at Club Shine on the east side of Kamurocho.
  • The Internet’s Real Purpose (Bronze) – Chatted with both lovely Live Chat ladies. You can head to any of the internet cafes and do this, there’s only two Live Chat ladies to request, but you can do it multiple times.
  • To Be This Good Takes AGES (Bronze) – Played every Club SEGA game. There are two Club SEGAs in Kamurocho, one at Theater Square and one on Nakamichi St. Just head to both and play every game.
  • That’s Purrecious (Bronze) – Rescued three stray cats. Stray cats will pop up as you run around and you can hear them meow, so look around if you hear one. You need to find out what cat food each one likes best, and if you don’t get the meter filled up the first time, the cat will reappear later.
  • Play Ball! (Bronze) – Won a baseball game. You’ll find the baseball minigame through the story, so after the story segments just head back to the field and win another game.
  • Dandling Dragon (Bronze) – Experience the trials of raising a baby. This is also story-related.
  • How Fortuitous (Bronze) – Pulled “Great Blessing” at the temple. The fortune box is found on the top floor of the temple in Onomichi. Just keep pulling fortunes out until you’ve gotten a Great Blessing.
  • Get Out and Stay Out! (Bronze) – Made a store employee angry at you. This is done by having a fight in any store and wrecking it. Once the fight is over, talk to the store clerk and they’ll be angry at you.
  • Off the Beaten Path (Bronze) – Found a secret passage. Head to the southmost point of the map in Kamurocho and look between the two restaurants, Sushi Gin and Yoronotaki. There’s a secret path there you can take in between the buildings.
  • Not the Brightest Idea (Bronze) – Jumped from a dangerously high place. You can jump off of the roof of many high places in Kamurocho or Onomichi, like the batting cage. Just run to the edge and jump, and watch Kiryu crash down to the ground.
  • Pretty Tasty (Bronze) – Activated five types of eatery combos. Experimenting at eateries can go long way, and once you’re raking in the cash with Clan Creator or Spearfishing it’s easy to simply buy almost everything at one eatery. Just try out different combinations and this one is a snap.
  • Commemorative Photo (Bronze) – Took a photo of Ono Michio-kun. This will need to be done in Premium Adventure, or after you beat the game. Head to the tram up to the temple and you’ll see Onomichi-kun standing just to the right side. Snap a picture.
  • Can of Whoop Ass (Bronze) – Engaged enemies while a drink’s effect is active. Just grab a drink from any of the vending machines, drink it, and get in a fight.
  • Life Through Kiryu’s Eyes (Bronze) – Walked 30 seconds in first-person mode. You can enter first-person mode by pressing R3, then just walk around.
  • No Photos! (Bronze) – Got surrounded by enemies while trying to take a picture. Get spotted by a group of enemies then pull out your camera quickly, and wait until they interrupt you.

For more on Yakuza 6, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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