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Is Swords of Ditto Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Swords of Ditto Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Swords of Ditto Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Swords of Ditto has finally arrived, bringing is colorful, cutesy visuals and RPG action to PS4 and PC. Players are tasked with taking down the evil Mormo by exploring dungeons, improving your hero, and meeting the charismatic folk who inhabit the town. You’ll have four in-game days to get everything done before having to face Mormo, whatever state you’re in. It’s a great title to load up for quick blasts on your commute, or even to sit in front of your TV and chip away at for hours on end. As such, some players will likely be daydreaming about how perfect Swords of Ditto would be on Nintendo Switch.

At the time of writing, it, unfortunately, doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Swords of Ditto on Nintendo Switch any time soon. Both its developer and publisher has yet to make any comment on whether or not Swords of Ditto could make its way to Nintendo’s hybrid. Though this isn’t really indicative of anything just yet, it’s worth keeping in mind that a number of smaller indie titles have made their way to the eShop a few months after releasing on other platforms. Considering it isn’t some huge game with cutting-edge visuals, it’s definitely possible that it could run on Nintendo Switch. For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and keep our fingers crossed for an announcement.

For more on Swords of Ditto, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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