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Frostpunk: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?


Frostpunk: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?

Does Frostpunk Have Co-Op Multiplayer?

Frostpunk has just arrived on PC, bringing another dose of delightful strategy action to players the world over. This time, you’re the ruler of the last city on Earth, and it’s down to you to manage the citizens and infrastructure of the city to help it thrive in the icy world. While most management sim games tend to be single-player experiences, some may be wondering if you could build a city (or cities) together in co-op multiplayer in Frostpunk.

Unfortunately, it’s not to be. Frostpunk is strictly a single-player game according to its Steam page, and from the searching around we’ve already done, it doesn’t look like there’s any word on that changing any time soon. Of course, things can always change now that the game is officially out in the wild, so if we do happen to hear anything about co-op multiplayer, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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