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Monster Hunter World: How to Get High Commendation Items & What They Do


Monster Hunter World: How to Get High Commendation Items & What They Do

How to Get High Commendation Items & What They Do in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World’s constant grind is so damn fun to sink hours into because of the badass weapons and armor you’ll be able to craft with all of those crafting materials you’ve been collecting along the way. If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the absolute best gear that Monster Hunter World has to offer, though, you’ll need to get yourself some high commendation items.

High commendation items are basically fancy crafting materials. They aren’t quite as easy to get hold of as your average monster bone s. Instead, high commendation items can be earned as a rare reward for completing the high-rank quests towards the latter stages of the game. We suggest doing quests that are five stars or higher in order to give yourself the best possible chance of netting one.

We also found that hunting Elder Dragons rewarded us with one or two, as well, so be sure to grind out these Monster Hunter World quests if you’re in need of a high commendation item.

If you’re still finding that high commendation items just aren’t dropping, try using some of your Lucky Vouchers to improve your chances. It’ll also boost the amount of money you earn from the quest, and nobody hates extra money, right?

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