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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Thick as Thieves Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Thick as Thieves Quest Guide

Thick as Thieves Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is rife with quests to complete, some quick and simple and others not so much. One that falls into the latter camp is Thick as Thieves, a surprisingly difficult quest that can be a bit tricky to figure out. Before we dive into the quest, make sure you’re quite good at lockpicking and have more than a few lockpicks with you if you take this one on.

Thick as Thieves is a quest found in Rattay Mill, and you get it from Miller Peshek, who you may remember as the NPC that taught you how to lockpick and pickpocket at the beginning of Kingdom Come Deliverance. The quest has you stealing different items for three millers – Peshek, Woyzeck, and Simon, and the items themselves can be a bit difficult to find. We’ll section it out by each item, and help you track down everything you need.

Finding the Items For Peshek in Kingdom Come Deliverance – Ring, Documents, Book

The first step of Thick as Thieves has you tracking down yet another ring for Peshek, this time from the bathhouse nearby. Head on over to the main building of the bathhouse, and go up the stairs. You should spot a bluish chest in between the two beds up there, which is where the ring is. Now you have two options here, you can lockpick the chest to get it, or you can knock out the villager working in the bathhouse and take the key from him. If you want to conserve some lockpicks the latter might be a better idea, but don’t get noticed or you’ll find yourself in some serious trouble.

Now head back to Peshek, and he’ll task you with finding a land deed from the Rathaus in Rattay. Now go to the Rathaus and head up the stairs to a large dining room area. Immediately turn right and head up the stairs in the corner to a locked door. Again either pick the lock or knock out one of the scribes to get the key. Once you have the door open, find a desk in the corner of the room with candles on it. You’ll find the land deed there, so head back to Peshek and he’ll give you the final task.

Finally, you’ll need to steal an illuminated book from Sir Hanush, which is a lot easier than it sounds honestly. Simply head to the Rattay Upper Gate where indicated by your compass in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and you’ll find a door with a single guard. Knock him out when no one is looking, then break your way into the room. The book will be just inside on a table. Congratulations, that’s one miller down. Just two more to go to complete this Kingdom Come Deliverance quest.

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