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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get Saviour Schnapps


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get Saviour Schnapps


Kingdom Come Deliverance has a unique mechanic for saving your game manually, and while you can rely on sleeping in your own bed or visiting a bathing house to do so, using Saviour Schnapps is the most convenient – albeit time-consuming to prepare – method of doing so. It’s also kind of fun, both to consume and to make!

Saviour Schnapps is an alcoholic beverage that allows you to save your progress. You can purchase these from merchants and find them throughout the game world, but to keep a steady supply, we highly recommend learning to use Alchemy and making your own. Here’s how to do that in Kingdom Come Deliverance:

First, locate an Alchemy Bench. You can find the recipe in the Alchemy Book, but in case you’re wondering, you’ll need to put two ingredients into the Cauldron to make Saviour Schnapps: Wine (1 measure), Nettle (one handful). Then simply stoke the fire to get the ingredients cooking, and then set the Sandglass to one cycle and let it cook, turning the Sandglass once more to total two cycles during the procedure. Keep pressing R2 on PS4 (RT on Xbox One) to keep the Bellows pumping and the fire nice and hot. As this cooks, prepare your other ingredients with the pestle and mortar. You’ll need two pinches of Belladonna into the mortar and grind it down before putting it into the Cauldron with the other cooking ingredients. Stoke the fire again with the Bellows and set the Sandglass for one final cycle.

Once the concoction is ready, grab a Phial and pour the mixture in. That’s it, you’ve created Saviour Schnapps!

That’s everything you’ll need to know in order to get Saviour Schnapps, but for everything else Kingdom Come Deliverance, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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