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Most Played Games Ever, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players


Most Played Games Ever, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players

Editor’s note: The peak concurrent figures listed in this article have been pulled from publicly available information that, in some cases, is limited to a single platform. Where the article denotes a plus symbol, the figure does not include player numbers on a platform that likely would have added to its total substantially (i.e. PS4 and Xbox One), or because it was stated that the actual number exceeded the figure stated. These are the most popular games – or most played games – of all time, ranked by peak concurrent players.

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20) Warframe – 129,002+

Most Played Games Ever (Ranked By Peak Concurrent Players)

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Warframe has been around for some time, and its been quietly gaining more and more momentum as one of the industry’s most-played free-to-play shooters.

In fact, developer Digital Extreme celebrated Warframe’s fifth birthday back in March 2018 with some stunning announcements.

Notably, Warframe had been played by nearly 40 million players since launch, with 8 million having arrived in 2017 alone.

As for concurrent players, well, we only have Steam data to work with, but the numbers are still pretty impressive.

Two months ago, Warframe recorded its highest concurrent players on Steam ever with 129,002. You’d have to imagine that number would be significantly more with what we assume is a pretty substantial console community added to the equation.

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