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Dynasty Warriors 9: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?


Dynasty Warriors 9: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Co-Op Multiplayer in Dynasty Warriors 9?

Dynasty Warriors 9 puts players on the battlefield once again, mowing down waves of enemies as characters with powerful combo strings and special attacks. The latest entry features plenty of new content, including a vast open world you can explore by foot, horseback, and boat. That said, there are also a number of side quests you can take up apart from the main missions. Some fans might be wondering if they can play Dynasty Warriors 9 with others through multiplayer co-op. With so much to do, it would be great if you could conquer the battlefield with a friend. That said, the game does not support multiplayer co-op, so you can’t play with anyone else.

In spite of the lack of multiplayer, there are still plenty of other activities you can do while playing alone. Apart from tearing up your enemies on the field, the game also contains some interesting recreational activities, such as fishing. Some of the new features include a day and night cycle and a weather system, adding more depth to the different stealth missions.

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