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Pokemon Go Is Coming to China in 2018

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Pokemon Go Is Coming to China in 2018

Now Chinese players can catch ’em all.

Pokemon Go is coming to China in 2018, at long last. This is obviously great news for players in the country who have longed to capture their own fictional monsters for quite some time, and now it’s going to be a reality.

A new partnership between Niantic and Chinese company NetEase has made the venture into China possible, and with the massive population of over 1.3 billion, it’s a prime area for Niantic’s massively popular AR game to grow and flourish. While several Chinese gamers have had their hands on the game and have been capturing their own Pokemon for a very long time illegally thanks to spoofing mechanics, it’s time for things to get a whole lot more real in the country.

That means Niantic has its work cut out for it, especially since the country is devoid of Gym areas, Poke Stops, and all the other important infrastructure that ensures the game runs smoothly. But the reward, and the accomplishment of setting up in an area that’s usually and typically vehemently against certain types of games, notably including PUBG until recently, is certainly an impressive one.


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