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Monster Hunter World: How to Use Special Attacks


Monster Hunter World: How to Use Special Attacks

How to Use Special Attacks in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World allows you as the player the chance to face ferocious beasts many times bigger than yourself. Its beautiful open world invites series veterans and newcomers alike the opportunity to face off against dozens of dangerous creatures in the hopes of completing various missions and side quests, not to mention acquire plenty of rewards when all is said and done. As fun as the hunting may sound in Monster Hunter World, there’s a great deal of skill involved should you want to be a successful beast-slayer. Luckily, the latest addition in the Monster Hunter franchise comes stocked with a wide array of weaponry to use against these gigantic foes. A total of 14 weapon types are available to the player, of which include the likes of bows, great swords, gunlances, hammers, bowguns, hunting horns, and more. Keep in mind that each weapon you choose has its own unique abilities or special attacks.

To trigger these special attacks and other attributes in Monster Hunter World, simply press R2/RT on your controller. This should allow you to unleash the brunt force of your rampage straight unto whatever beast you’re fighting in the hopes of tackling it down and bragging about all the goodies you get to your friends afterword.

Keep in mind that players are no longer relegated to just one weapon per mission or for extended periods of time, meaning they can switch between lances, cannons, or whatever they prefer and use each weapon’s special attacks on enemies however they see fit. Of course, the monsters themselves have a couple of tricks up their sleeves too, making some weapons (and their special attacks) more effective to use against them than others. Arguably, this trial and error experience is what makes the Monster Hunter series so compelling to play in the first place.

And that covers everything you need to know to use special attacks. Be sure to check out our wiki for more information on Monster Hunter World.

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