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Monster Hunter World Sells Over 5 Million Units, Capcom Stock Highest Since 2001


Monster Hunter World Sells Over 5 Million Units, Capcom Stock Highest Since 2001

An impressive debut, to say the least.

Monster Hunter World has already set a record for Capcom, becoming the fastest-selling Monster Hunter title in a matter of days. Capcom announced that the title has already shipped over five million copies worldwide, combining physical shipments and digital sales. To give a little bit of perspective on those sales, the Monster Hunter series as a whole has now sold just over 45 million, with World accounting for a decent portion of that.

It’s clear that Monster Hunter World’s success is having an impact on Capcom, as their stock was also sent soaring  over the weekend. It’s up a whopping 4.79 percent, the highest the company’s stock has been since 2001, which saw the release of games like Devil May Cry, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Megaman X6.

All of this is definitely good news for Capcom, a company that’s seen a few rough years filled with releases not received super well, like Street Fighter V at launch. With the critical and commercial success of Resident Evil VII as well, and a new Megaman on the horizon, it seems like Capcom is getting in a groove again.Luckily for Monster Hunter fans, Capcom also plans to support World with a number of free updates that will add new monsters and other content.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version arriving sometime this Fall.


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