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Is Monster Hunter World Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Monster Hunter World Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Monster Hunter World Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Monster Hunter World is set to bring a fairly big change to the series, moving away from the standard handheld affairs that we’ve frequently seen in favor of stretching into the home console space. Its environments and gameplay feel more crisp and modern as a result, and many players may be looking at the title as a means of finally diving into the series. Though the game is currently only announced as coming to the Xbox One and PS4 this month, with a PC version delayed until Autumn this year, some players may be wondering if we’ll also see a Nintendo Switch version.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be playing Monster Hunter World on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, if ever. In an interview with IGN, Monster Hunter World’s directors Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda explained that a Switch version isn’t planned currently.

We don’t have any plans for the Switch at the moment. Part of the reason is that the title has been in development for almost 4 years. At the time we had to commit to our hardware choices, we decided on using the most powerful current generation consoles available at the time, which was PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So [the decision was made] before the Switch was even announced or on sale.

It’s also because for every title we decide what the best fit for hardware is for the concept. We don’t just look at everything. It’s more like “if we want to achieve this kind of game concept, where’s the best place to achieve that?” and for this title, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One were the best fit for us.

Though these things are always subject to change, their response suggests that the Nintendo Switch simply isn’t right for the concept of the game. We’ll be sure to update this post if anything changes.

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