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Monster Hunter World: How to Play With Friends in Co-Op Multiplayer

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Monster Hunter World: How to Play With Friends in Co-Op Multiplayer

How to Play With Friends In Co-op Multiplayer in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is making a big transition from its typical handheld-friendly gameplay to the AAA home console space with Monster Hunter World. It’s all hugely exciting, as the game looks utterly stunning with its huge wilderness and the awe-inspiring monsters that inhabit it. Longtime fans of the series, and all the newcomers that its console releases will surely attract, will be hoping that the co-op multiplayer that has always been such a mainstay feature of games in the series still remains a core aspect of Monster Hunter World. We’re here to deliver good news, as that is absolutely still a central pillar of Monster Hunter World’s design. Here’s how to play co-op multiplayer with friends in Monster Hunter World.

  • You can play with friends by using the SOS Flare option in-game.
  • You can also choose the Online Session option from the quest board, then join a session or host one.
  • You can host your own session, then share your ID with your friends to let them join up with you.

For starters, when the action gets too tough to take on solo, up to three other teammates can be hailed by sending an SOS flare in-game, which will spawn other random players who will come to help you out. To shoot a flare, simply press the options button to bring up the menu and select the “SOS Flare” option.

But if you want to actually set up specifically to play a co-op multiplayer quest with friends, there are specific ways to set that up.

From any of the quest boards in the resource center, interact with it, then choose the Online Session option from the pop-up menu. Now, you’ll be able to either join a co-op multiplayer session or host one. If you want to join a co-op multiplayer session, there are three ways to go about this: you can have the game matchmake for you, put filters to choose a quest you want to join, or search by session ID. The session ID is essentially a code you enter to join a game with friends.

You can also create your own session in Monster Hunter World, create your own ID, and share it out with your friends so you can all go off hunting together. You won’t be able to walk around Astera together, but when you join each other on any quests you might post at the quest boards, you’ll be all set and roaming around in any of the different lands. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to play any campaign missions together if at least one of you hasn’t played further along in the story. Meaning either of you will have to effectively replay a quest to experience it along with friends.

That’s everything you should need to know to play co-op multiplayer with friends in Monster Hunter World. We wish you happy hunting! For more information on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.


Question: How do you play co-op multiplayer with friends in Monster Hunter World?

Answer: You can either use the SOS Flare function in-game, or use the quest board to host or join an online session. If you’re hosting, share the session ID with your friends so they can join up.

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