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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Play Vegeta (Super Moves and More)


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Play Vegeta (Super Moves and More)

How to Play Vegeta in Dragon Ball FighterZ (Super Moves and More)

If there are two characters you’ll grow attached to while playing Dragon Ball FighterZ for the first time, they’re probably gonna be Goku and Vegeta. Each possesses a lot of utility in terms of general gameplay and the kind of super moves they can perform. While Vegeta has shorter and weaker attacks than Goku, he makes up for it by having a great deal amount of more speed. He also has the ability to follow up his Ki Blast attacks fairly easily when considering other characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Keep in mind that the following set of super moves for Vegeta all use up one gauge from the super meter, meaning you’ll need to successfully pull off a chain of attacks or Ki Charge before executing any of these commands in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

For starters, Super Dash Kick has Vegeta assault his foe with a high speed leg to the stomach. It can be performed by pressing 🡣🡦🡢 simultaneously with X, Y, or B, depending on how your controls are configured.

Crusher Knee Kick isn’t as flashy in nature, though it is effective in dealing an up close and personal blow that will launch his enemy slightly up into the air for combos. Perform this by pressing 🡣🡧🡠 with X, Y, or B.

The Intercept Kick is extremely useful should you find yourself in a bind with a chain of attacks, as it has Vegeta leap up into the air and rapidly kick back down toward his opponent. To do this move, simply press 🡣 and X while in midair.

Ki Blast Rush is perhaps one of the exhilarating moves to use in the entirety of Dragon Ball FighterZ, as it showers a series of high energy projectiles over Vegeta’s foe without a moment’s notice. Perform this be pressing 🡣🡦🡢 and A.

Moving on to Vegeta’s heavier tier of super moves, the Big Bang Attack stops time momentarily to charge up a ball of blue energy to send toward the enemy. It can be performed by pressing 🡣🡦🡢 and the right bumper or the right trigger.

Last but not least, Final Flash has the Prince of Saiyans bring his hands together to unleash a gigantic stream of energy that fills the entire screen in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Use it by pressing 🡣🡧🡠 and either the right bumper or the right trigger, but keep in mind that it uses three gauges as opposed to just one.

That should cover all the super moves that Vegeta has in his arsenal in Dragon Ball FighterZ. For tips on how to use each move effectively in combat, check out a video by way of YouTube channel Maximilian Dude down below.

For more information on Dragon Ball FighterZ, be sure to check out our wiki.

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