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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Open Treasure Boxes


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Open Treasure Boxes

How to Open Treasure Boxes in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

As you work your way through Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you’ll invariably end up attaining a lot of treasure boxes. They’re functionally similar to the loot boxes you may find in games like Overwatch. Hidden inside will be things like character skins, weapon skins, avatars, unlockable songs, and so much more all pulled right from Final Fantasy history. These treasure boxes will be your main reward for playing Dissidia NT, so here’s how you can open up those ever-important treasure boxes.

First and perhaps most importantly, you need to have treasure boxes to open. Thankfully, the game starts off being pretty generous in handing them out. You gain a treasure box each time you level up, though to actually open them you’ll need to go elsewhere.

It’s actually quite easy, as soon as you boot up the game you’ll be taken to your general menu where you can choose what you want to play. You don’t want Story Mode or Online Battles however. Instead, on the lower left side you can find an area marked “Treasure.” Head on inside there and you’ll be greeted with the boxes you’ve already obtained in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Just open them on up and keep your fingers crossed you get something good. The drops are randomized so not everything will be an amazing outfit or song, but hang in there. If all else fails, you can use in-game Gil to buy whatever you may want.

With that, you now know how to open treasure boxes in Dissidia NT. Here’s hoping you get something good!

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