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A Yoda-Like Character Was Almost the Villain of Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars

A Yoda-Like Character Was Almost the Villain of Knights of the Old Republic

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

If you’ve played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, then you know all about the actual villain and how everything went down. Obviously, there was no “Yoda-like” figure that was there to guide you and train you until the end, then turn on you and become your enemy. That wasn’t in the cards for that game.

But it could have been, according to Knights of the Old Republic game director James Ohlen, when speaking to Eurogamer. It could have been a very different game, featuring a character from the Yoda race, and not Yoda himself.

“That character was going to train you in the first part of the game but then you were going to discover this Yoda figure was actually not the good Yoda you expected… He was training you to essentially be his enforcer, a Dark Lord to conquer the universe, and he was going to become the main villain.”

Unfortunately, this idea was scrapped as the team began instead to shift focus to its upcoming games at the time Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But it would certainly have made for a very, very different game, especially if there were a character the same race as Yoda around that made you feel very uncomfortable and as if you couldn’t trust them. You may never view friendly little Yoda the same way again, And that would be the mark of some pretty great storytelling, right?

Ah, what could have been.


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