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EA Is Buying Respawn Entertainment, Developer of Titanfall

Titanfall 2

EA Is Buying Respawn Entertainment, Developer of Titanfall

Could more Titanfall be on the horizon?

EA has announced via press release that it has purchased Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the Titanfall games, for over $400 million. That’s a lot of cash, especially considering the publisher just shut down Visceral Games as well, just a short time ago.

The massive deal comes after EA ended up outbidding publisher Nexon, who has a hand in publishing the companion Titanfall mobile title, with an offer that EA could choose to match in 30 days. That’s exactly what happened, and EA decided it was going to win out. The company’s previous title Titanfall 2 released to decent critical scores, and was a massive improvement over the first Titanfall that released in 2014 as an Xbox exclusive.

Previously, EA had announced that Respawn had been working on a Star Wars title, but that game has been canceled as of late. The new Titanfall is on its way soon, as well as a virtual reality title for Oculus Rift, but there are scant details about either thing just yet.


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