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The Developers at Capcom Talk About What Inspired Resident Evil 7 and the Creative Process Behind It

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The Developers at Capcom Talk About What Inspired Resident Evil 7 and the Creative Process Behind It

Sometimes horror movies and games go hand in hand.

Although the Game Developers Conference of 2017 (GDC) is long behind us, the Expo’s official YouTube channel recently released video of two Capcom developers talking over Resident Evil 7 and how it came to be.

The video itself is over an hour long and features Koshi Nakanishi, who was the creative director behind Resident Evil 7, and Peter Fabiano talking over what went into making the latest Resi Evil game. And from the very beginning, there was heavy inspiration drawn from the developers’ love for The Evil Dead.

Fabiano explains how when their small team came together in early 2014, that the main thing they wanted to focus on was horror, and bringing it back to the Resident Evil franchise. And one of the ways they decided to do that was to mimic the storytelling style and terrorizing aspects of The Evil Dead. So, instead of having a very large cast of characters and a large scale world, they wanted to focus on a more limited and claustrophobic experience. The main way they did this was keeping the players, for the most part, in one location for the majority of the game while limiting the number of antagonists in the story. This also helped Capcom compete with AAA titles.

Of course, there were a number of things that the Resident Evil team changed that had nothing to do with the movie, such as making the game entirely first person, leaving behind Resi games of old that were generally in 3rd person of had fixed camera angles. They also made the creative decision very early on to make this a single-player only game. But even the nickname for the project, harawata, was drawn from The Evil Dead and its Japanese title.

You can watch the full video below.

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