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Call of Duty: WWII’s COD Points Premium Currency is Now Available


Call of Duty: WWII’s COD Points Premium Currency is Now Available

More supply drops for everyone!

Call of Duty: WWII’s microtransactions are now live and available in-game. They’re called COD Points, and you can buy them now regardless if you’re playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. They were supposed to make the scene at launch, but unfortunately server issues reared their ugly heads.

It seems as though the good majority of them have been fixed, so the COD Points have been added to the game. Essentially, you just purchase the points with real money to buy in-game premium items like Rare Supply Drops and the other goodies you only get in loot crates. This includes weapon variants, extra XP, calling cards, and other various loot that honestly isn’t all that interesting, if we’re being real.

The pricing is as follows:

200 COD Points – $1.99
1,100 COD Points – $9.99
2,400 COD Points – $19.99
5,000 COD Points – $39.99
9,500 COD Points – $74.99
13,000 COD Points – $99.99

If you’re itching for a big bundle of Call of Duty items you’ll have called down to you in your Headquarters where you open supply drop after supply drop, the hundred bucks will get you pretty far. Just hope you don’t get a whole lot of duplicates. That’s entirely possible if you’ve already been playing for some time.


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