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Dear Bethesda, We’re Still Waiting For Skyrim on These 6 Systems


Dear Bethesda, We’re Still Waiting For Skyrim on These 6 Systems

The Dragonborn’s quest will never die…

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Bethesda is mad keen to ensure that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the adventure to save them all, continues to spread its wings to new systems, console or otherwise. This week alone, we’ve got Skyrim VR on PS4 and the much-anticipated debut of dragon shouting for the Nintendo Switch. The question is, are there any other consoles or systems that Bethesda could potentially release Skyrim on? Of course there is, silly human!

We know that Bethesda is working on an HTC Vive version of Skyrim, to be released hopefully sometime in 2018. Though the PSVR does an adequate job when it comes to virtual experiences, the HTC Vive will provide an even bigger canvas for Bethesda to paint its now familiar world upon. Yes, there’s more power under the hood given the requirements to properly run the HTC Vive through a PC, but there’s also the added mobility that the HTC Vive’s room scale can provide.

In truth, the PS4 VR does limit the kinds of experiences you can have compared to its bigger brothers. That’s not a reflection of poor quality, far from it, but having a few cameras dotted around your room plus fewer cables holding you down to a rig (or going wireless when the opportunity arrives) greatly frees up mobility and interactivity with the world around you. That’s a key part of Skyrim’s original design, never mind VR. Whether Bethesda makes full use of that potential is another story entirely.

But what about other VR systems? Well, that comes down to licensing and agreements between Oculus and Bethesda.

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