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Nintendo to Reportedly Increase Switch Supply by 2 Million Units a Month

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Nintendo to Reportedly Increase Switch Supply by 2 Million Units a Month

Much more may be coming soon.

According to “sources from the upstream supply chain”, Digitimes has reported today that Nintendo will increase supply of its hybrid console, the Switch, by 2 million units a month so as to reach an annual shipment target of 20 million units for the rest of the year.

This is supposedly in preparation for Nintendo’s foray into the Chinese video game market, as the console manufacturer will begin selling the Switch next year and sources believe that shipments will need to rise even more dramatically by then. China lifted its ban on video game consoles in 2014 and has since had both Microsoft and Sony introduce consoles to the market.

The issues for supply constraint as of late have nothing to do with faulty parts or problems with assembly, Nintendo says, but rather have to do with the absence of critical components like DRAM that are needed in order to make the system work. Foxconn is responsible for supplying over 50 percent of Switch volume.

Nintendo’s Switch has sold phenomenally well since its launch earlier this year, selling 4.7 million units by June. The console is very hard to find both in its home market of Japan and abroad, as fans in the United States are still having trouble getting their hands on it.

Whether or not today’s report bears significant truth remains to be confirmed by Nintendo, though it wouldn’t come as that big of a shock considering how in-demand the Switch is and with the holiday season just around the corner. Here’s hoping that everyone who wants a Switch will easily be able to get their hands on one soon.

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