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Is Super Mario Odyssey Coming to Nintendo 3DS?


Is Super Mario Odyssey Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

Is Super Mario Odyssey Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

There’s no argument about Mario being Nintendo’s number one character and property, so you can imagine how big of a release Super Mario Odyssey is on the Switch. Fans get a brand new adventure to embark on, with some exciting new mechanics like the ability to throw Mario’s hat and capture enemies and items, which lets you control them. Naturally, with such a high profile release as Super Mario Odyssey, fans might be wondering if there’re any other systems planned for the game such as the Nintendo 3DS.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring Odyssey onto the Nintendo 3DS or anything else besides the Switch, and there probably won’t be in the future. The game specifically uses the Switch hardware, both graphically and for gameplay sake, meaning it wouldn’t be exactly easy to transfer it onto another system.

Still, if you need to scratch that Mario itch on 3DS you can pick up Super Mario 3D Land, one of the better titles on the handheld. It brings 3D Mario gameplay onto the 3DS, giving you a ton of levels to play through and explore, even unlocking Luigi as a second character later in the game.

For more on Super Mario Odyssey, make sure to take a look at our wiki.

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